Document Preparation

Nearly every business owner needs to create certain documents for the company at some point in time. Either it’s a reply to a business partner or vendor, or inner operational documents such as employees order or annual meeting minutes.

Star Business Consulting will relieve you from this time consuming and boring routine and will prepare all business related documents for you. We specialize in small businesses in many industries and will create a highly personalized documents and templates that fit your company. You won’t have to worry about this bureaucratic stuff no more!

We will also review your existing documents, templates and agreements and suggest changes that will improve your business performance. Save thousands of your hard earned dollars for visiting your attorney only when necessary!

We Will Assist You With Preparation Of The Following Business Documents

Business Initial Documents

  • Partnership Agreement.
  • LLC Operating Agreement.
  • Corporate Bylaws Business Letters, etc.

Business Letters

  • Business Replies to Partners.
  • Announcements.
  • Notices, etc.

Tracking and Organizing Forms and Templates

  • Sale Tracking Spreadsheet.
  • Time Tracking Spreadsheet.
  • Delivery Check List, etc.

Operational Documents

  • Employee Survey.
  • Meeting Minutes and Agenda.
  • Internal Order, etc.

Transactional Documents

  • Invoice.
  • Receipt.
  • Purchase Order, etc.

* Star Business Consulting, LLC does not provide legal advice regarding to document preparation service.

Document Preparation Service