Management Consulting

Every business has its ups and down, but sometimes problems seem endless, revenues go down, customers go to your competitors and your employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. Sometimes it’s hard to find the root of the problem, it requires a deep analysis of business operations, accounting systems, staff discipline and your industry overall.

Using a holistic and personalized approach we will recognize the cause of your problems and make a plan how to fix them and get your business back on track. We will also help you during milestone events of your business such as expansion, mergers and acquisitions.

We respect your goals, hopes and dreams and listen to you and it what differs us from other consulting companies. We don’t perform like outside consultants, we become a part of your team and business and work according to your company core values and philosophy.

There is a misconception that only large companies can afford and need management consulting services but in reality small businesses are those who need help the most, because they don’t have millions from large investors and worldwide recognized brand names. Star Business Consulting specializes on small business development and we adjust our fees accordingly, we estimate the cost of service before it performed. We are here to make your business dream come true.

Our Business Management Consulting Service Includes

  • Management Consulting.
  • Business Related Researches.
  • Assistance during Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Help with Small Business Development.
  • Assistance to New Business Start-up.
  • Accounting System Evaluations.
  • Evaluation of Current Systems and Processes.
  • Review and Analysis Company’s Current Management Procedures.
  • Organizational Analysis.
  • Operational Analysis.
  • Review of Current Business and Strategic Plans.
  • Review and Analysis of Cost Savings Options for Your Business.
  • Workers’ Performance and Analysis.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Industry Overview.
Business Management Consulting Service