Payroll Service

Payrolls is the most hated task of small business owners, it’s very time consuming and requires remembering a lot of due dates. We are experienced Payroll Provider. We will relieve you from that burden and will keep your employees happy with their paychecks and your business in compliance with all the federal, state, and local taxing authorities. We will set up an exclusive and highly personalized payroll system that will fit your business. Your employees will be given a choice to set up a direct deposit which is a convenient way to save some time from making an extra visit to a bank.

We will also help you to determine if your worker should be treated as an employee or a contractor, which is very important, because a wrong determination can lead to costly penalties from the IRS.

We will do all quarterly and annual reconciliation filings and issue W2 and 1099 forms for your workers. We will also assist you with new hire reporting, State and Federal Unemployment Taxes, Worker’s Compensation and other employee related tasks.

We provide our Payroll Service via Phone and Skype nationwide, and we can meet you in person in our Columbus, OH office.

Our Payrolls and Payroll Provider Service in Columbus, OH Include

  • Payroll checks and/or direct deposit stubs.
  • Current and year-to-date payroll reports.
  • Check and/or direct deposit reports.
  • Payroll tax liability reports.
  • Payroll deduction reports.
  • New hire reporting.
  • Payment of all payroll taxes.
  • Preparation of Federal, State and Local quarterly Employer’s forms.
  • Preparation of federal and State unemployment forms.
  • Year-End Processing (W-2's and W'3's).
  • Garnishment withholdings.
  • Child support payment withholdings.
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