Tax Services

Personal Income Tax Return Preparation Service

For many people filing their income tax return is a nightmare even when everything seems very simple. We will turn your tax filing into a smooth and enjoyable process. We will talk to you and listen about your unique financial and family situation, explain you all pros and cons of all options available to you to minimize your taxes and to get the highest maximum refund allowed by law. We will review your previous years tax returns to make sure nothing was missed and you got all allowed refunds and credits.

We will help you with a large variety of Federal, State or Local tax issues, and will represent you before the IRS or other taxing authorities when necessary.

E-file Benefits: Star Business Consulting, LLC is an official IRS E-File provider. When you choose to e-file your tax return, you will not only receive your refund much faster, but will also eliminate a use of paper and save the trees!

We provide our services via Phone and Skype nationwide, and we can meet you in person in our Columbus, OH office.

We will assist you with:

  • Personal Income Tax Return Preparation Service including Federal, State and Local Taxes.
  • Personal Tax Service and Free E-file.
  • Getting the Maximum Allowed Tax Refund.
  • Tax Planning to Pay Less Taxes Legally.
  • Representation before the IRS and Other Taxing Agencies.
  • Review and Amend Your Previous Years Tax Returns.
  • Alternative Minimum Tax Planning.
  • Tax Problems Solutions.
  • Innocent Spouse Relieve.
  • Injured Spouse Relieve.
  • IRS and Other Tax Agencies Correspondence Responds.
  • Setting Up a Payment Schedule due a Tax Debt.

Our Business Tax Service in Columbus, OH

Tax season is always a hassle and burden, and it’s easy to get lost in all those reports, statements and numbers. As a business owner you also should know and comply with the Federal, State and Local tax laws which can change every year. Doing it all by yourself will distract you from the most important task - running your business.

Let Star Business Consulting, LLC take care of your taxes. We help small businesses of all types with any tax situations and issues. We have expertise in many industries from retail to transportation and aware about specific things related to your industry that can legally save you thousands of dollars in taxes.

When we are doing your tax return we plan ahead for future years, help you with templates and organization if you need it and assist you with all things that important for your business success. Taxes are much more than just paper filing and writing a check, it’s a never-ending process of planning and we are here to help you with that.

We will walk you through the numbers in your tax return and you will always know what you owe and why you owe it, or which credits your business is eligible to and why. If you are doing business in multiple states or localities, we will provide you with an allocation review which will help to determine whether you overpay your taxes due to wrong income apportionment.

If your business is subject to sale taxes, excise taxes and/or specific taxes to your state / locality, we will assist you with the preparation of your sale, excise and other specific tax returns and will give you the guidance how to be in compliance with your state and local tax law.

In Addition to Services Mentioned Above, We Will Help Your Business With:

  • Business Tax Service for Small Businesses.
  • Corporate Federal, State and Local Tax Returns Preparation.
  • Informational Federal, State and Local Tax Returns Preparation.
  • Business Tax Problems Solution.
  • Multi-State and Multi-locality Income Allocation.
  • Excise, Sale and Other Specific Tax Return Preparation and Filing.
  • Tax Law Consulting.
  • Previous Years Business Tax Returns Review and Amendments.
  • Assistance with Changing Your Accounting Method.
  • Tax Planning and Analysis.
  • Templates and Spreadsheets for Proper Tax Organization.
Personal Business Tax Services